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Pain-Free Fitness

Fitness Flash Cards

Fitness Flash Cards

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Brand: Pain-Free Fitness


  • DESKERCISE FLASHCARDS: Prolonged sitting at your desk leads to fatigue, decreased mobility, muscle imbalance and long term pain. Our Desk Stretches & Exercises Flashcards are designed to help you feel more energised and relaxed at work. All that while saving your trip to the gym or requiring expensive exercise equipment.
  • CONVENIENT FITNESS: Our flashcards include visual cues AND written instructions for CONVENIENCE, making exercise a relaxing and enjoyable experience, especially during work. Features LARGE, HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS especially helpful when you are already fatigued from work. PLUS our exercise cards are relevant for ALL AGES & expertise levels.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our flashcards are TEAR-RESISTANT & BEND-RESISTANT. Now, you can focus on your fitness without worrying about the performance of the card. Our fitness cards are big enough to see from a distance but small enough to fit into your pocket.
  • SAFE: Trainers LOVE our amazing cards for their convenience, superior quality and WELL-RESEARCHED INSTRUCTIONS. Desk Exercise Flashcards are even compatible with professional training programs AND preventative rehab!
  • CUSTOM WORKOUTS MADE EASY: Our Complete Fitness Card Deck allows you to mix and match stretches, mobility drills and strength exercises for YOUR perfect fitness regime. AND you don’t need expensive equipment to BENEFIT FROM OUR CARDS.

Details: Say goodbye to sitting-induced pain and postural problems. Whether you are writer, programmer or anyone with a desk job, you can use our Desk Exercise Fundamentals flashcards for at-home workouts, with professional training programs or preventative rehab. 3x5 inch flashcards are the perfect size to carry in your pocket but large enough to read and follow even from a distance. Visual cues are an excellent way to complete exercises without the added stress of interpreting complex workout terminology, which is especially helpful when you are already fatigued from work. The back of the cards breaks down the complete range of motion in three steps i.e. Start, Execute And Finish. Each flashcard includes a ‘Adjust’ step for people to scale back without compromising on benefits. Shuffle around the deck of cards for your next PAIN-FREE fitness challenge! Key Features: -Exercises that could be performed at Desk -Stance & Execution -Tear-Resistant & Bend-Resistant Cards -Visual And Written Instructions -Adjust Section To Achieve the Same Results Multiple Ways. Our Pain Free Fitness Flashcards Are Great For: -Stretching, Mobility & Strength Without Injuring Yourself Or Worsening Existing Injuries -Trainers -Athletes -At Home Workouts -Gym Use -Professional Training Programs & More Our Pain Free Fitness Flashcards Come With: -Pack Of 30, 3x5 In Desk Stretches & Exercises Flashcards -Durable Flashcard Storage Box 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We Are So Confident That You Will Love Our Desk Stretches & Exercises Flashcards That If For Any Reason You Don’t, We Will Buy Them Back From You No Questions Asked!

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