Are you a busy professional, a chronic pain sufferer, or a trainer looking to de-mystify fitness and health?


Pain-Free Fitness


Helping clients get healthier.

Helping trainers and coaches add more value. 


Pain-Free Fitness?

Are you a busy professional, or suffering from chronic nagging aches and pains?

No Time? 
No Problem

We know you. You want to live your life feeling fit and strong but the problem is: you don’t have hours to spend in the gym. 

Plus you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a trainer, and you don't want to make countless visits to the physical therapist’s office.

You work hard day in and day out. You do your best to stay healthy, but in the midst of your busy career, your social life, and your nagging aches and pains, you struggle to find the time, the energy, or the desire to take care of YOU.

You commit to your daily workouts, but you find that by the end of the day that nagging pain in your neck and shoulders just won’t let up. You commit to your early-morning yoga, but your joints in the morning prevent you from even getting out of bed comfortably, let alone hitting your yoga mat. 


Are you a coach or a trainer, feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start?

Learn easily. 
Teach clearly. 
Move safely.

We've been there. You complete your coaching certification, you're ready to help as many people as possible, yet you lack the practice you need to feel truly confident with your first client (or class). Everyone tells you that you need experience to gain confidence, yet in order to get experience you need the confidence to cue and correct your clients safely. 

We have spent the last decade training coaches and trainers to be their absolute best. 

We have some VERY exciting courses, products, and eBooks in the works JUST for you.


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Mariah has the ability to take a movement and break it down, so individuals can work on the progressions at their level. No matter what the workout is, she knows how to challenge you with the movements or give alternatives so that even in a group setting, you feel you are getting personalized coaching.


I started coming to Mariah for sports massage therapy after suffering from a back injury. I was struggling with most daily activities and even with physical therapy and chiropractic treatments I was not healing quickly. Mariah provided comprehensive massage therapy that targeted my pain but also incorporated other methods and exercises to help me get back to my fitness goals. Well educated in mobility, professional and compassionate. It became a healing experience for me and within a few visits I was finally back to many of my normal activities and having a huge reduction in pain.


Mariah is quite literally the bees knees. She's taken me from zero to hero in just a few workouts. Her mix of compassion and knowledge make the routines fly by. Definitely recommended if you want to improve your joint health and fitness