The Pain-Free Guide to Planks

The Pain-Free Guide to Planks

Planks are pretty awesome.

They are fantastic tools for body awareness, core stability, and muscle engagement. The best part? They can be done anywhere and require no equipment. Let's talk about planks and plank variations.

1) Squeeze your shoulders down your back

2) Pull your bellybutton to your spine

3) Push your heels back to engage your legs


These cues apply no matter what plank variation you're doing.

What plank variations CAN I do, you ask?!?!

Let's talk about progressions first.



In a plank, the CLOSER YOUR HEAD IS TO THE FLOOR, the MORE DIFFICULT the movement will be.

The NARROWER YOUR BASE OF SUPPORT, the MORE DIFFICULT the movement will be. Make those statements your plank mantras.

Take a look at my awesome diagram below.

Mariah Heller Plank

Have you mastered the art of progressing your planks already and are thinking, "psshh, this is child's play?"

Try these variations!

Mariah Heller
Elevated plank leg lift
Mariah Heller
Feet-elevated or decline plank
Mariah Heller Pain-Free Fitness
Plank wall/med ball/chair tap
Mariah Heller pain-free fitness
Side plank
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