The 90/10 Rule and Other Ways to Stay Pain-Free at Work

The 90/10 Rule and Other Ways to Stay Pain-Free at Work

Do you go through your work day with aches, pains, and low energy? The 90/10 rule is an easy way to get yourself some much needed relief.

What is the 90/10 rule, you ask (and what else can I do to have a more pain-free work day)???

It's pretty simple, really.

Every 90 minutes, get up and MOVE for 10 minutes.

Now, this doesn't mean "walk to the coffee machine and read emails," or "set your adjustable desk to standing;" I actually enforce rather strictly that those 10 minutes need to have a few defining requirements:

1) NO devices. Yep, I know it's hard. But put down your phone and laptop and give your brain a break. Go on a walk with a friend, do one of my Pain-Free stretching routines. Break up the routine.

2) NO work. Being constantly inundated with stress takes a toll on our productivity. Give yourself 10 minutes to disconnect and think about something else. You'd be surprised how much better you feel.

3) Drink water. This one isn't ABSOLUTELY necessary, but it's a good way to get your daily water intake in. Generally speaking, I recommend people drink a small-to-medium glass of water every hour. In this context, try to drink a medium-sized glass of water during your 10-minute break. Before you know it, you've hit your daily water intake goal! Plus you're extra hydrated.

BONUS tip:

Practice "belly breathing." This one doesn't necessarily need to be done during your 10 minute break (but why not), but is a fantastic tip for managing anxiety and helping improve blood circulation. On a more anecdotal note - I've seen noticeable posture improvements in my clients that actively practice belly breathing.


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Wishing you a Pain-Free day!

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