Shoulder Pain? Try this...

Shoulder Pain? Try this...

I've probably said this on this blog before, but I'll say it again: pain sucks.

Shoulder pain, in particular, can be particularly debilitating. Computer work, driving, carrying groceries, writing, and several other SIMPLE actions can become sources of anxiety and aggravated pain.

The key to shoulder pain, and any pain really, is to A) continue doing things that don't aggravate your injury, and B) do things that actively improve your condition. NOTE: doing B) actually requires knowing a bit about yourself, so take the steps necessary to get a diagnosis or do some work on your body awareness before embarking on active pain relief. In the meantime, take a look at the exercises below and try incorporating these into your routine. Several of these are featured in my Upper Body Quick Fix course. Remember: all it takes is 10 minutes (or less) per day to see significant results.



These are all movements you can try incorporating into your workouts. If they cause further pain (legitimate pain, not "ow I'm exercising" pain), try something else instead!




Glute bridges



Flutter kicks


Bicep curls






Shoulder Stability and Mobility

Some of these exercises are shown with equipment, and some aren't. Generally speaking, I've had HUGE shoulder improvements using a Theraband and a Lacrosse ball (both are available for super cheap on Amazon). If you don't have (and don't want to acquire) either of these things, choose the exercises below that require no equipment.


Small arm circles


Band exercises (rotations, presses, rows)


Plank scapular push ups


Wall chest opener stretches


Overhead lat stretch


Lacrosse ball upper back and chest release


Have a Pain-Free day!

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