• Video Courses

    Our custom video courses are your one-stop shop to get you OUT of pain and BACK into the things you love!

  • Personal Coaching

    Looking for a personalized program designed around your pain points and lifestyle?

    Personal coaching includes 1x1 video sessions and FREE access to: 

    • Mariah's Quick Fix Video Series

    • Mariah's Pain-Free Fitness Facebook Group

      • (with new videos and Q&As hosted weekly) 

    • Mariah's eBooks and continuing access to newly released content

  • Corporate Workshops

    Looking for a corporate workshop for your company or business? Corporate workshops are fully customizable and include: 

    • Education (WHY are we in pain?) 

    • Application (HOW do we fix our pain and improve our productivity?) 

    • FREE "Pain-Free Corporate Wellness Packet" including:

      • What is the 90/10 rule for employees? ​

      • How to create your own Pain-Free routine

      • How to create your own workouts at home

      • Access to Mariah's eBooks

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