The perfect accessory for trainers and clients alike.
Learn easily. Move safely. Teach clearly.

Fitness Fundamentals Flashcards from Pain-Free Fitness are the perfect training program accessory for personal trainers, coaches, training clients, and ANYONE looking to perform exercises safely.

We all have our fitness planners, gym accessories, and home workout equipment - but wouldn't it be amazing to have convenient tools to help us teach AND perform exercises safely?
These 3x5in. amazon flash cards are complete with
💪 exercises and cues
💪exercise categories
💪common equipment
💪trainer tips
💪and more

If you are a personal trainer, use these cards to help you...
👉 study for your clients or alongside your Personal Trainer Certification
👉Write specific coaching notes for yourself or for your clients on each card in the "notes" section.
👉👉👉You can also use these cards in their different categories to build workout programs!

If you are a workout newbie or fanatic - anyone looking to improve your fitness level and form, these cards are great for:
👊 at home workout programs
👊 gym routines
👉👉👉this workout cards deck will help you succeed and help reduce the risk of injury whether your goal is weight loss, lifting, increased HIIT endurance, or just a higher fit level.

Reduce your stress around fitness!

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Fitness Fundamentals Flashcards