• Mariah Heller

Three Tips to Stay Pain-Free and Fit During the Quarantine

Even for the most introverted among us (hint: I am a mega introvert), the quarantine can pose some interesting challenges. The spectrum of activity levels is broad: there are some who are out of work (or on pause) and figuring out how to fill their time, and others who are working more than ever and attempting to maintain some semblance of freedom. Regardless: we are all adjusting to a new reality, no gyms are open, and our routines are likely being challenged.

The good news?

You CAN stay Pain-Free and fit during this time, even if it feels impossible. Here's how: 1) Look ahead 6-8 weeks from now. What is your ultimate goal with respect to your health, pain, and fitness? Write it down. For example, "Maintain my current weight and body composition." Now write down 2-3 major bulletpoints you need to accomplish in order to make that happen. For example, "Continue exercising regularly. Stay on track with my diet." Now write down 1-2 daily (or weekly) agreements you need to make with yourself in order to make that happen. For example, "I agree to exercise for at least 30 minutes, 4 days per week. I agree to limit my sugar intake to once per week." --> WRITE THOSE DAILY AGREEMENTS ON A STICKY NOTE AND PUT THEM ON YOUR MIRROR/FRIDGE/ANYWHERE YOU WILL SEE THEM.

Complete this exercise for each of your goals. 2) Do your research or hire someone who can help you reach your goals. If you have a coach, make your goals clear and take responsibility for communicating your progress and your needs. If you don't have a coach, do your research! Are you struggling to find bodyweight exercises? Google "bodyweight workouts." Are you struggling with overeating or boredom snacking? Google "mindful eating hacks." Are you struggling with pain? Google "pain-relief techniques for ____" or go to and get my Full Body Quick Fix for free. Take responsibility and research your solutions! 3) Be prepared to make adjustments. Well, first: know the difference between making adjustments and making excuses - but then, prepare to make adjustments! Evaluate each day if your actions are aligning with your goals. Evaluate each day if your actions are aligning with your circumstances. Evaluate each day if you are taking action in the most powerful way YOU can. Make adjustments as needed. I am still taking online clients at a reduced rate for this time frame, so feel free to reach out to me at if you need personal help and accountability. My Full Body Quick Fix program is FREE at My Pain Free Fitness eBooks are available at a reduced rate at

Make yourself a priority, and remember this is only temporary. Have a Pain-Free day!

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