• Mariah Heller

The Warmup Exercise You're Probably NOT Doing but Should be

Let's get excited about pelvic tilts....!

OK, I get that they're no "party on a yacht," but for reals: pelvic tilts are pretty cool.

If you have lower back, hip, or knee issues, this exercise is your friend. If you have a lack of body awareness (which many of us do) and weakness in your trunk and core areas, this exercise, once again, is your friend. Pelvic tilts help us engage our core, strengthen and engage our glutes, lightly stretch the muscles in the lower back, and "wake up" those oh-so-necessary muscles that we need to help us move and exercise safely. I recommend mixing pelvic tilts into your warm-up routine (try doing them for 2:00, holding for about 10 seconds at the end of your range of motion). How, you ask??? See below.


Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent and your heels on the floor.

1. Breathe (inhale + exhale)

2. Pull belly button back toward spine (engage the abdominal muscles)

3. Neutralize spine (ensure there is no over-arching or over-rounding - push lower back into the floor)

4. Squeeze glutes (push lightly through your heels)

5. Hold for 10 seconds

6. Relax slowly, repeat

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Wishing you a Pain-Free day!

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