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The Pain-Free Guide to Posture, Tension, and Stress

How are you sitting right now, reading this?

Don't change anything, just take inventory of your jaw, neck, shoulders, and core.

Are you setting the stage for a relaxed and pain-free body? Probably not. BUT the good news is that we can fix it.

Pain-Free Fitness
Mariah Heller of Pain-Free Fitness

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this post (to the left) from Monday.

Generally speaking, we adults hold our stress in some very predictable places in the body. Think about the body language of someone who is blatantly stressed - their shoulders are up by their ears, they are clenching their jaw, they're breathing into their chest, and if they are a working person they are more than likely hunched over a computer. In addition to this body awareness, there are a few things I'd recommend doing to reduce the effects of chronic stress and tension.

Jaw tension release

Watch the video below for some jaw tension release tips!

Pec stretch

Persistent hunching can cause our chest muscles to become shortened. In addition, stress tends to cause us to take short, shallow breaths into our chest. Both of these habits can make our breathing feel restricted and increase anxiety. Simple pec stretches can be incredibly helpful (and easy to do at your desk).

Pain-Free Fitness
Mariah Heller Pain-Free Fitness


This one is self explanatory, but try to time your breaths and breath past your chest into your belly. Place one hand over your bellybutton and make sure your full core expands when you breathe.

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