• Mariah Heller

Pain or tension between your shoulder blades? Here's how to fix it.

Mariah Heller of Pain-Free Fitness

A good 90% of my clients complain of pain and tension in their upper back between their shoulder blades. You probably have this pain and tension too, so what do you do about it? Ever wonder why those upper-back massages, heating pads, and lacrosse ball sessions don't provide relief lasting longer than 24 hours? I am your trusty savior and am here to give you answers, or at least get you started.

Behold! All of the resources you could ever possibly want, EVER!


These videos explain how your posture and pec tightness affect your upper back and neck:

This video explains what you can do about it:


This article gives you the keys to build a simple 10-minute routine that you can use to help you with your pain.

Not enough?

Contact me today to inquire about a personalized pain-management plan.


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