Mariah Heller is a fitness industry executive, gym co-founder, author, speaker, and the creator of Pain-Free Fitness.

Mariah spends her days as the Executive Program Director of a million-dollar fitness company, and spends her evenings as a multi-faceted fitness entrepreneur.

Mariah is the creator of Pain-Free Fitness, and started the company after spending eight years in the fitness industry and realizing that there were no viable solutions for clients with chronic pain - or really any client who didn't "fit in" in the classic gym setting.

Mariah was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome at the age of 28, after dealing with debilitating symptoms for a majority of her life. Her mission is to create a health and fitness environment that welcomes and helps people from all walks of life.

In the years since creating Pain-Free Fitness, Mariah has expanded the business into a consulting company that also develops B2B health and fitness programs, and helps train up and coming coaches and trainers.

Mariah is the author of two eBooks and the creator of Fitness Fundamentals Flash Cards - a line of flash cards aimed to help fitness professionals add value to their clients. She has been featured on several podcasts, and lectures annually at the UC Davis Entrepreneurship academy.