Mariah Heller is a UC Davis graduate, gym co-founder, author, speaker, certified massage therapist, and creator of Pain-Free Fitness. After spending eight years in the fitness industry serving hundreds of clients, Mariah realized that the industry was failing in a vital way: there were no solutions for the general population; people with busy lives and nagging aches and pains who WANT to improve their fitness but simply DON'T have the time or resources to spend on lengthy classes, hours of manual therapy, or expensive personal trainers. Mariah created Pain-Free Fitness to provide a simple, effective, and customizable path toward a stronger and more pain-free body. As a featured author on T-Nation and Breaking Muscle and a speaker at UC Davis' entrepreneurship academy, Mariah's audiences have spanned further than she ever imagined. Mariah's mission is to give everyone the tools to live a more pain-free and healthy life.